Jonathan Tees on August 12th, 2017

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Create one-pot meals your family will love with the Cuisinart Cook Central 3-in-1 Multicooker. Three fully programmable cooking functions let you sauté vegetables, brown meats and slow cook your favorite comfort foods right in the unit. Skip the stovetop with combination cooking — brown your ingredients in the unit and then simply switch to the slow cook function. Use the Cook Central to prep any aspect of your favorite dish. Select the steam function to prepare stuffed artichokes to start a gourmet meal or to create a healthful vegetable medley side dish. The Cook Central can even do dessert. With numerous recipes to choose from in the included booklet, the opportunities are endless! More…

Price: $115

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Jonathan Tees on June 24th, 2017


The GS4 High Performance Grilling System sets a new standard in the world of backyard cuisine, and lands the Genesis II and Genesis II LX series of gas grills in a class of their own. This innovative grilling system is based on over 30 years of grilling experience, culinary expertise, and most importantly, avidly considering the wants and needs of the people who matter most – the grilling community. Read More.


Sale Price: $899.00



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It can be incredibly frustrating for someone to go to the doctor for their yearly physical and find that they’ve gained weight, that their blood pressure is up and that they are at a higher risk for diabetes among other health problems due to their being overweight. It can be even worse if a person finds themselves in this predicament in spite of the fact that they eat right and exercise. Especially when the doctor doesn’t seem to believe them when they mention this. This program is a safe, natural, fun and effective way to get your body under control and bring about the results that you want. Imagine losing weight, getting tone and substantially lowering your health risk and insurance costs just by making a few simple changes. Find out how by Clicking Here.

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Jonathan Tees on May 5th, 2017

Do you find losing weight and/or getting the body you want to be nothing short of an exercise in frustration? Do you eat right and work out and still find yourself getting zero results? This could be the solution to your annoying problem. This program is a fun way to work out and get exceptional results. No more wasted motion and effort and no more frustration of looking in the mirror and despising what you see looking back at you.

Click Here for more details.

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Disclaimer: The following is a paid advertisement. I take zero responsibility for the content found within.

Caring, compassionate professional with a solid customer service background and strong communication-people skills is seeking a year round position (could be full time or part time) as a Patient Transporter. It makes no difference to me whether the position is in a hospital, nursing home or another short or long term care facility. If you have patients who need to be transported from one area of the facility to another I’m your guy.

I’m willing to learn CPR and/or whatever else I would need to know and will even go as far as enrolling in a nursing program if that would be preferred or required for consideration.

Only people seeking Patient Transporters (or similarly titled positions) need respond. I am not looking to work as a banker or to open my own office selling life insurance. If I were looking to do that I’d do it. I’m simply looking to transport patients or whatever else needs to be transported in and around the facility where I would be working and perform the other required duties of the position.

E-mail  for more details.

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Jonathan Tees on January 30th, 2017

It seems as though I have gotten quite a bit of heat regarding this post from earlier today
Certain people seem to have gotten the wrong idea, and felt I was knocking joining a company’s job/talent network. Not the case at all. To clarify, I was merely stating an opinion that it is a bit rude and underhanded of recruiters-companies-employers to disguise opt ins to their networks as actual job postings, so that when say for example, people apply off of CareerBuiler believing they have actually submitted an application for a job,  they only to end up receiving e-mails saying “welcome to our talent network” and finding that they haven’t actually applied for jobs at all and will now need to go through the network to apply to the same position (s) that they believed themselves to have applied to already. Joining a company’s network can actually assist you in keeping up to date with their latest postings and may even allow you first crack at positions before an official posting is made. It was merely tricking people into joining that I took issue with. Happy to clear that up.

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Jonathan Tees on January 30th, 2017

You have all been there before you see a job on a job board-career website that is of interest to you and you feel that you are the perfect match for the position, you click the apply button, send them your resume and cover letter and click submit only to be enrolled in their “job network.” This is without a doubt the most ridiculous and deceptive thing. In your mind you were applying for an actual position not opting into a job network. This kind of  trickery needs to cease and desist immediately. If people actually wanted to join your job-talent network they would have. But they had little to no interest in doing so hence why they applied for a singular position via your posting on a career website-job board. This is almost as bad as staffing and employment agencies who try and pass themselves off as actual employers. Just one of the many ways that the time and effort of job seekers is wasted. Were you to actually join their talent network, you would need to reapply to the same position (s) you thought you were applying to originally all over again in case you were wondering.



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Jonathan Tees on December 11th, 2016


They’re a grand pair in the grandest picture of the years! Spend the season with your friends Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman in one of our favorite holiday films. The Bells of St. Mary’s is available on DVD and Blu-ray for you to enjoy again and again.

Read More.







Sale Price: $14.32




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Jonathan Tees on November 28th, 2016

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