Most people fail in this industry because they simply lack the ability to generate their own leads. Face facts you could have the greatest opportunity in the world with the best product line and comp plan, but if you have no one to talk to about it, it won’t do you a bit of good. People who can’t generate their own leads will often waste time and money trying to pitch their products and opportunities to anyone with a pulse, and purchasing useless, good for nothing leads that never amount to anything. it doesn’t have to be this way you can develop a huge advantage in the lead generation department by checking out any/all of the following products. These are products that I have personally used to build several successful network marketing and mlm businesses which provide me with multiple streams of leveraged and residual income.

Building On A Budget

Magnetic Sponsoring

Black Belt Recruiting

PPC Domination

MLM Traffic Formula 2

The CopyWriter’s Guild

What’s Working Now

Alpha Networker 2.0

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