Here are three very good reasons out of many of why Craigslist is not the best place to actually get anything sold.


1.It’s a den for thieves and con artists who are just looking for their latest victim.

2. It’s a hangout for stupid people with nothing better to do with their time than to waste yours. Many of these people are so dumb that they’ll rant and rave about how dangerous Craigslist is and how people have been raped, robbed and murdered after using the service but yet at the same time will wonder why you haven’t posted a photo of yourself with your ad. I mean how dare you protect your privacy in this dangerous place?

3. How often have you gotten traffic and sales from Craigslist? Probably not very…. If ever. Going back to the number one reason there are very few (if any) legitimate buyers. Most of the people you’ll encounter there are looking to run some sort of a scam or worse. Many of these “people” aren’t even really people at all but rather bots.

There is a much better place to advertise to legit people who are actually on the up and up and looking to buy. Find out more about it Here.

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