I see it all of the time in my home based business. People seem to have a knack for selling products and recruiting reps but they struggle with duplicating the process and getting those that they recruit to sell the products and recruit reps of their own. Its understandable that there would in fact be a language barrier when it comes to international business, but many people sponsor reps in their home countries many of whom speak the same language and they still struggle with duplicating their efforts throughout their downline and their downline’s downline etc. Duplication is key, this is why I strongly recommend that you read Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring and recommend that you recommend Magnetic Sponsoring to every member of your team and use it to recruit new members into your primary business. Hey it works and it is currently working for countless men and women who make serious incomes in network marketing.

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4 Comments on The Duplication Of The Duplication Dilemma.

  1. zpmcqupcby says:

    Duplication can be a real problem but I highly recommend what you suggested. No one should ever pay for leads when they can generate their own for free.

  2. cilest review says:

    Thanks for making my morning a little bit better with this great article!!

  3. mzvlsz says:

    Dead beats, tire kickers and vampires all are things we’d like to avoid as all of the above are a waste of our time as legitimate networkers.

  4. hmnxauf says:

    Most people just can’t duplicate their efforts and it ultimately kills their business.