Your so called “friends.” and family members may appear supportive on the surface when you start a new business venture, but deep down inside they want you to fail miserably. They won’t admit it, but nothing would make them happier than to see your venture go belly up, and watch gleefully as you have to swallow your pride, abandon your principals and go crawling back to some mind numbing, soul crushing “job.” working for someone else. This is because they are miserable and want you to be just as miserable as they are if not more so. Your friends and family members are average and mediocre at best. They simply can’t stand it when an exceptional person comes along aiming to do exceptional things with their lives. So while those closest to you put up a facade of love and support, they secretly hope and even pray for your downfall, so that you “come to your senses.” and realize that there is nothing “unique or special about you.” they basically want you to remain stuck in the same rut that they are trapped in one of misery and mediocrity.

Well I say this, why give them the satisfaction? With the right tools and training and the right opportunity you can in fact achieve the success you have been looking for as a self employed person, make your friends and family eat their hearts out with jealousy, and practically beg to join you in your business.

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