I have been involved in network marketing for a very long time. I make a fairly comfortable living from my network marketing efforts alone in addition to other sources of income. That said during my six years in this business, I have seen alot of people join my organization and even more people leave my organization. In either event it was simply the nature of the beast and par per the course. Never once did I take it personally or have hurt feelings because someone left. I have always treated this like a business like any other. In business there is turn over, people join companies stay for a while some may spend their entire careers in one place while others leave for greener pastures to avoid complacency. For every one person that leaves ten more come along and take that persons place. I look at it this way, most people will join a network marketing business looking for easy money and find it that there is work involved and that it really is a business they get dejected because their illusion was disproven and end up quitting. Many people simply aren’t cut out for this to begin with. Most people just can’t hack it in spite of the elite coaching that I can provide to people who simply open their eyes and ears and listen. So losing those who leave is no big loss. I would rather have 100 or less productive members in my organization than thousands of do nothings and slack asses. I try and build for quality as opposed to quantity and recommend that my team does the same.

For too many people act as though they have just won the World Series or the Super Bowl every time they sponsor a new rep or refer a new customer. On the other side of things they feel as though they have lost someone close to them when they lose customers and reps. My advice is take the emotion out of it and treat it like the business that it is and success will come your way sooner rather than later.

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