The recession is terrible and it’s cost alot of people their jobs, businesses and homes we see it everyday in the news. For many home business owners failure simply isn’t an option because they have nothing to fall back on because nobody is hiring. Here is usually what potential employers think of someone who was previously self employed and is now looking for work.

1. Gee, if this person is so good at what they do why are they not still doing it? I mean if they were so successful why are they looking for work with my company?

2. Does this commission based self employment work even count as actual work? I mean it’s not like its verifiable the person worked for themselves basically.

3. How do I know that I can trust this person? They may leave me and go back into business for themselves or try and take over once they get back on their feet.

 You see as a self employed person attempting to reenter the work force you face even more obstacles and rejection than someone who has worked for someone else for their entire career. This is why like I said failure is not an option if you absolutely, positively must succeed in your online business because success is your only option and you can’t afford to fail Click Here.

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