Disclaimer: The Grinch in this instance is a composite of several greedy, incompetent and corrupt individuals and isn’t any one particular person.

It’s the holiday time yet again, but for many hard working Americans Christmas will just be yet another day thanks to the real life Grinch who has stolen the joy from them. The Grinch will not be happy until the middle class either becomes enslaved , or starves to death out in the street. Here is exactly how this monster ruins the season for so many.

1. He Takes Your Job- He can do this in any number of ways, lay offs, outsourcing, termination with or without reason and making things difficult on you and your family until you have no choice but to quit. If you have no regular paycheck you can’t go out and spend money on Christmas gifts. If you can’t spend money on Christmas gifts the economy goes down hill and more people will lose their jobs and have difficulty finding new ones with the cycle continuing.

2. Inflation- Prices go up and people can’t afford to pay them as they are now living on fixed incomes. Costs effect consumers and businesses and more businesses are forced to lay off more people and send more jobs overseas/bring in cheap labor to replace hard working and loyal employees. Notice how when you are unemployed it seems that all of your essentials tend to cost more? Its almost like this is by design. The Grinch knows you are living on a fixed income and wants to sock it to you until you end up in the poor house. Lets say you make $700 every two weeks as part of your unemployment, must have services like auto and health insurance just so happen to cost between $600 and $800 taking most or all of your money and in some cases more money than you are receiving, but yet you are required by law to have these services in many states. And if you really think about it insurance is a scam that strong arms you until buying into it  you have no choice, but yet if you actually need it the insurance company bails on you leaving you to foot the bill. As it relates to costs of living lets just say most people are paying more for their home whether its an apartment, house etc than its actually worth in terms of rent/mortgage costs.

3. He screws around with your unemployment benefits- If it wasn’t bad enough that you are living on peanuts every couple of weeks while you are unemployed, now the bastard takes it a step further as he doesn’t even want you to receive your money when you need it the most. So what he’ll do is either cut you off or ensure that you don’t receive another check until after the holidays. He has well provided for and taken care of congress and senate members discuss, debate and iron out the details of unemployment extensions, meanwhile you’re forced to do without your unemployment check, and once the issue is sorted out you’re still forced to wait until the next pay period to receive a check this could be a long time removed from the time you need it. But what do these people care they’re employed, they have state of the art health insurance at your expense and its not like anyone they know is effected by it?

Don’t let the Grinch ever steal your Christmas again

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1 Comment on How The Grinch Steals Christmas From So Many Hard Working Americans

  1. Joey says:

    You forgot one thing, he crushes your holiday spirit. With no money to pay for anything you lose your car, house, boat, motor home etc and all of your other possessions and end up out on the street. Worldly possessions may not be everything, but you’ll lose something that’s more important your faith in humanity. Your heart will turn to hate and you’ll resent people seeing them as inherently evil which will is how he steals every Christmas from you for the rest of your life.

    Happy Holidays