You may have heard of the It Factor, as it relates to the entertainment industry. It’s a certain charisma, a certain charm that draws the audience to the entertainer. This is also a key component in the ultra competitive network marketing industry. People who achieve success in this business, are those who can attract others to them like a Magnet. and then proceed to get those they’ve attracted to follow them to the ends of the Earth and beyond. The It Factor in this context is not something that you necessarily have to learn, its already in you, you merely need to develop it. How do you know if you have the It Factor? It’s simple. If you’ve ever been to a public place and found yourself attracted to someone to the point that you’ve made eye contact with them, and are always the person who breaks the eye contact last, well then congratulations you have the It Factor. However, if you break eye contact first the It Factor is something you’ll need to develop if you’d like to achieve the sort of success you are looking for in this industry. This 7 Video series should point you in the right direction.

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