Have you ever wondered why someone seems to like what you post on Facebook and then drops you as a friend? Here are three simple and to the point possible explanations. As one of them point out some people are a bit erratic so things that they do may simply be for “reasons” known only to them.

  1. To throw off suspicion in regard to “who unfriended you.” why would someone who liked one or even several of your statuses recently abruptly decide to get rid of you? Well maybe they planned on doing so a while ago, but “liking” the statuses allowed them to throw you off of their trail.
  2. They aren’t very smart. Simple enough the person isn’t very bright. Your profession is listed as “Salesperson” or “Marketing Person.” and you have a tendency to use social media as a marketing/sales platform from time to time. Don’t get me wrong you aren’t spamming people or trying to sell things every five minutes or so, but you might post some funny-inspirational-uplifting things, engage in small talk, tell stories what have you and then occasionally may promote something. In spite of this, some dumbass might decide to “unfriend you” for basically plying your trade and doing what you are there to do more or less. This by the way is equivalent to a potential customer walking into a retail store, looking around, exchanging small talk with a sales person and then walking out the second the salesperson actually tries to get this “sell them something.”
  3. The person lets see how can we put this in a PC sort of way… isn’t all there. They might do things that make sense to no one other than them (some of the time anyway) so they may have legitimately liked or loved your status updates-photos and what have you and then for reasons known only to them decide to remove you as a friend. Maybe they thought twice about something or realized that they don’t really know you from anywhere and don’t have the time or patience to piece things together or get to know another person.  Some people are iffy this way.
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