The discussion over whether affiliate programs can get saturated pops up from time to time at forums.

Those of us who do well at this business say there is no such thing – saturation is just a myth.

The people who believe in “saturation” are believing in a myth – something that doesn’t exist – and they are usually talking about a program that they are not in – and really know nothing about. Guesswork and speculation.

It’s called “perceptual stereotyping” – they decide this “saturation” thing is true and THEN go looking for ways to “prove” it so they can believe in it. The reason for the “saturation” myth is something I explained at another forum thread – people expect “the program” or “the company” to recruit and sell for them and blame the fact that there are a lot of other people in that company or the fact that the company has been around a while as the reason they fail. They don’t want to take responsibility for either their successes or their failures.

I see this with SFI all the time:”SFI is saturated””It has 9 million affiliates so you will never recruit anyone or get any customers” Well this is complete nonsense!

Build your own list, find your own customers. It doesn’t matter if there are other people in that company selling those products or even in another company selling a different brand of the same products. Find people who aren’t already in a Home Business looking for one and find people who aren’t already buying those products who are looking to buy.

One guy at a forum asked me about selling “SFI products“, specifically the wellness products. Despite having a President’s Club member as his mentor he claimed he couldn’t sell “SFI products“.This was a guy who as already selling wellness products to a customer base.

My advice was simple – sell the “Veriuni” products, as you would in any form of network marketing. Forget the “SFI” bit and all the other “SFI ads” you see.Find your own customers and sell them the products. Do your own advertising and marketing.

No – there is NO SUCH THING as saturation in an affiliate program – it’s just an excuse the famous “95%” give for their failures.

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