Do you find your friends list seems to dwindle each and every time you log onto the social media site? These could be a few possible reasons.

  1. Too Many Posts And Updates Related To Outlandish Conspiracy Theories And Ridiculous Claims- Stuff like this can be mildly entertaining once in a while, but if the majority of your posts are claiming that every single current event (including random isolated incidents) are part of some larger government conspiracy, or making asinine claims about “The world being flat and the sky being green” not only in spite of obvious evidence to the contrary, but also claiming that the said evidence (which anyone who has working eyes can see) is “fraudulent” it tends to get a little annoying. Claiming that some horrible tragedy in which people lost friends and loved ones was somehow orchestrated as part of some grand “conspiracy” can also be offensive to those directly impacted by it. So this is why if you are making  a lot of these posts and notice that your friend numbers are dropping there could very well be a connection.
  1. Too Many Posts Related To Politics And/Or Religion- Occasional discussions about these things are great, but if like number 1 you are constantly discussing them, it’s likely to annoy and/or offend some people to the point that your digital friendship (and possibly your real life friendship if you have one) could come to an end.
  1. Trying To Market Things To Simpletons- Your occupation is listed as a sales-marketing person or business owner and you use social media as a marketing platform. But on the rare occasions that you take a break from all of the positive-uplifting-inspirational posts and funny and entertaining photos and videos that people love to actually ply your trade, people get rid of you. This is the equivalent of someone walking into a store, browsing, exchanging small talk with salespeople but the second someone actually tries to sell them something they storm out.
  1. Posting-Updating Too Much Or Too Little- Take your pick either you are” too active” for someone or “not active enough” for someone else, either way you are bound to lose friends over it though it won’t be that big of a loss either way. Activity may not only include posts but also how often you update your profile.
  1. Too Much Positivity Or Negativity- You’re just “too positive” for negative pieces of crap that wake up everyday and say “damn not again.” or your occasional rants in moments of anger and frustration are just “too negative” for people who like to only see positive things and expect everyone to be happy and upbeat all of the time.
  1. The Person Decided To Become A “New And Better Version Of Themselves” And This Doesn’t include You- The changes may be rather mild; a new profile picture, a new display name (changing from their full name to just their first and middle name) etc. But whatever the case whenever they make these “changes” you notice that you have been removed from their friends list. Don’t take it personally they probably have generally decided to “purge” the list and a lot of people were causalities of these “changes”
  1. Posting Too Many Gruesome Photos And Disturbing Videos- Some people may enjoy these things every now and then but it gets old after a while even for them, other people hate them from the start.
  1. You Wish The Person A Happy Birthday Or Speak To Them And It Reminds Them That They Don’t Know-Remember You- For some reason they accepted your request or you accepted theirs, but once their birthday comes around and you wish them a “Happy Birthday.” They realize that they really don’t know you or maybe they knew you once upon a time but your memories of them are far more vivid than theirs are of you. Many people do find themselves unfriended after having wished someone a happy birthday and wonder why… this is the reason.
  1. You Hit On Them Too Much Or Not Enough- You flirt with and hit on them to the point that it creeps them out or they have an interest in you but you never approach them and “initiate things.” therefore they remove you from their list. I’ve lost several female friends because I wasn’t “romantically interested in them.”
  1. The Person Simply Deactivates Their Account- Sometimes your numbers drop simply because the person decides that “Facebook isn’t for them.” and decides to deactivate their account. Deactivations now show up as you having fewer friends so its like you’ve been unfriended though you haven’t been.
  1. The Person Enters A New Relationship Or Gets Married And You Begin Getting Perceived As A Potential “Threat” To That Relationship– True you might not show up at their door with boxes of flowers and candy at 3am, but just your very presence on their friends list raises questions with their spouse or significant other. You may cause your “friend” to get questioned about who you are, how they know you, and why you are on their list. As a result of this they may cut their losses and simply get rid of you. I’ve lost more than a few female friends because they suddenly decided to get married or engaged. Also if you are sincerely interested in someone who is not in a relationship don’t hesitate in pursing that person or someone else might beat you to it.
  1. Anniversary Reminders May Remind The Person That They Don’t Really Know You- Those little reminders and notifications that you and so and so have been Facebook friends for X amount of time may seem nice, but the problem is if the person doesn’t know or remember you, these “reminders” will remind them of that fact and hence you are removed from their friends list bringing an end to your online “relationship” regardless of how many years its gone on.
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