People often ask me exactly how I make money with SFI when so many others fail to accomplish this. It’s simple really and I’ll lay out the steps below.

1. I Refer Paying Customers- It’s a no brainer , you want people to spend money and customers are the life blood of any business. Regardless of whether that business is operated online or off. I run my business in both venues. Rather than referring people as TripleClicks Members who are simply interested in selling their own stuff. I actually sell the assorted Tripleclicks products to customers. Once that person purchases a product, they become my customer for life and every time they reorder that product or purchase a different product, I make up to a 72% commission. This money adds up over time, and I earn residuals on what we refer to as “standing orders.” where certain products are reordered each and every month automatically.

2. I Sponsor Quality Affiliates- I go out and find people who are hungry, coachable, and are looking for a legitimate home business opportunity. People who will gladly invest time and money into their business and want to be successful with it. I try and avoid people who are unwilling to spring for a measly $30 a month IAHBE membership, when doing so is an investment in their own success and the success of their SFI business.

3. I Duplicate my Efforts- Simply put I have my affiliates do what I do and Refer Paying Customers and Sponsor Quality Reps. This business is not for everyone and I’ve seen it chew people up and spit them out. Only the strong survive and this is the simple and effective method that the most successful people use.

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