Free class ads work!

Anybody who says otherwise is wrong. I know because I used them extensively and built a big team and also work with several people who did the same.

People on my team have been recruiting using Free Class Ads just this week. They have also been using FFAs, Safelists and Traffic Exchanges. A friend of mine brings in signups EVERY day just using FFAs – which lots of people “want” to think do not work.

We have a GL at SFI called Johan who has written the now legandary “A Small Guide to Free Advertising”. You have to spend time rather than money but they do produce results. No-one can say a method doesn’t work if it works for other people. They can only say that it hasn’t worked for them. If a method isn’t working for you, the proper approach is not to come to a forum to let the world know – that is just advertising your own failures.

What you should do is search for posts by successful people and/or ask questions to find out how to correct your methods to duplicate that success. Don’t let ANYBODY tell you that ANY method “does not work” – seek out the people who have made it work and ask them how. I always say you can’t argue with facts and proven results.

There are way too many people who rely on theory, opinion and guesswork, what they THINK will work and what they THINK won’t. On one forum we had a member post “free class ads don’t work. Don’t waste your time” To which I was able to reply that they do work, as I have recruited affiliates from them. (Many other people also said the same) This person’s direct reply to me was “I meant they didn’t work FOR ME”. Well, I replied, “that wasn’t what you said was it?” “free class ads don’t work” is a statement” “don’t waste your time” is an instruction, advice to people not to use them. False information and bad advice. In a subsequent post this same person said that “followups do not work!” And the same comment “you’re wasting your time” And when I pulled him up on it you know what he said? “I meant they don’t work FOR ME” Of course I have examples of situations when I have an inactive affiliate, I sent them a followup letter, and they upgraded. Proof of the pudding and all that. They also work for sales as you can build rather large list.

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  1. Roma Graeser says:

    Fantastic article. Many thanks for the share.