There are a lot of dead beats and tire kickers with negative attitudes who will try and spoil your dream of making money on the internet. They’ll try and tell you that internet marketing is a scam or just doesn’t work because they personally aren’t making money. Pay no mind to these people and remain positive and upbeat even when times get tough. You can make money online and if you keep at it you will.

The sad truth is not even your friends and family members will want to see you succeed. It isn’t their fault really. Its just that human beings tend to be incredibly selfish and self serving. They don’t want anyone to have anything that they don’t have, or in anyway be doing better than they are. They’d love nothing more than to see you fall flat on your face and have to crawl back to a dead end 9-5 job on your hands and knees, don’t give them the satisfaction.

People often ask me “How can you possibly make money with SFI, when everyone and their brother seems to either already be apart of SFI?” Well, it’s simple. For everyone who is a member of SFI, there are millions of people who aren’t. And for every TC customer there are millions of people who aren’t. Focus on people who aren’t already members of the SFI Business Opportunity, and those who aren’t already Triple Clicks customers. There are countless ways to promote your business online and off. Just be sure that you aren’t in violation of any laws or policies for your local area. SFI provides numerous marketing aids to help you promote the Triple clicks store and the SFI affiliate program.

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