We’ve all seen it hundreds of times in works of fiction. The main antagonist takes their top henchman for granted and eventually replaces them with someone younger and more ruthless. The former right hand henchman aligns with the protagonist and is then able to help the hero defeat the villain in the end. This is of course due to the knowledge that the replaced henchman has of the interworkings of his former master’s operation as well as knowledge of the weaknesses of the other antagonists.

This certainly is not an original idea in fact its been pretty much done to death over the years. But the moral of the story is a simple one and is more than applicable for modern life, and in particular modern business. Simply put don’t take people for granted whether it’s someone you know on a personal level, or someone who is a customer or business associate of yours. Other wise that person will simply run to your competition regardless of the relationship you have with them. A close business associate scorned can do alot more damage to you by spilling your secretes to a competitor than a competitor who is out to destroy you from the get go. Treat people right and don’t take them for granted and they’ll reward you with loyalty.

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