I certainly hope everyone had a wonderful and memorable Thanksgiving. I know I did. But unfortunately not everyone is so lucky. Many spend the holidays alone, or simply have a miserable experience being included in but are not engaged in family get togethers, that are neither fun nor enjoyable for them. A lack of confidence could be a contributing or even a key factor. The person may perceive themselves as “dull”, “boring”, “uninteresting” or feel they have “nothing to contribute” to ongoing conversations. As a result of this, they may sit in a corner while everyone else is having a good time having not said but two words to people (usually hello and goodbye.) After a couple of years of this, the person either quits attending the functions altogether or in many cases is no longer invited because they “aren’t any fun to invite.” And thus they spend the majority (if not all) of their holidays alone. But this could all be avoided by learning how to be more confident automatically by Clicking Here.


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