Your bill is outrageous, ridiculous, absurd, astronomical etc. Feeling frustrated, angry, ripped off, cheated you vent and let off a little steam on social media, getting some of the anger off of your chest and feeling for the moment a little bit better. But then your petty provider seems to raise the cost of your bill, calls in debts that aren’t due yet (example you owe your regular bill for this month, it’s due at the end of the month, but as of now it isn’t the end of the month and you still have time, but yet they want “their money now or else.” So they relentlessly hound and harass you for payment (that isn’t due yet.) you relent and send them something now with the intention of paying the rest at the end of the month, but this isn’t good enough and they threaten to suspend your service even though you paid them a greater amount than what you still owe, you’d think you were several months past due, but this isn’t the case. Aside from the undue harassment, you notice that the quality of your service doesn’t seem to be up to par and isn’t half as good as it usually is. Your service seems to lag with channels not changing, or you enter 1-2 digits and before you can enter a 3rd you are taken to a channel you didn’t want to go to. Yep you’ve been retaliated against but don’t worry you can still have the last laugh there is a better way to watch television without having to deal with a petty provider who doesn’t even allow a paying customer in good standing to get something off their chest every now and then without paying for it in more ways than one later on.

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