You would think knowing when to replace old, worn out windows would pretty much be common sense, but many people are stymied, confused and flabbergasted regarding when and if to replace older windows. Here is a numbered list to help guide you if your windows suffer from one or more of the following problems it’s time to replace.

1. You feel drafts and feel as though you are heating/cooling the entire neighborhood even though your windows are closed.

2. You can barely see out of them or in some cases can’t see out of them because of years of built up condensation.

3. The windows are cracked and/or broken in some cases they even make your home less secure and easier to break into.

4. Your energy costs are higher and in some cases much higher than they should be because air you want to stay out is coming in and air that you want to stay in is heading out. For example, it’s winter time and you have cold air coming in from the outside and heated air going outside. The inside of your home essentially feels colder than the outside. Or it’s summer time and your air conditioned air is cooling the outside while hot air comes in. This causes your heating or cooling system to have to work harder and use more energy which results in you having a higher energy bill.

5. Your windows make your home look ugly and decrease it’s value they only really “work” for your home on and around Halloween but any other time of the year your home looks like crap because of them.

But don’t worry we are offering free, no cost, no obligation in home consolidations our energy star replacement windows can add value and beauty to your home while at he same time making it more secure and decreasing your energy costs. Don’t hesitate call (215-259-8195) or e-mail today to set up your free in home estimate. If you aren’t looking for new windows at this time we have pretty much every other interior and exterior home improvement service under the sun as well.

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