The Reading Site is a comprehensive new e-book site which enables members to download millions of novels, newspapers, magazines, comic books and so much more, all from one location. The simple, clear-cut and user-friendly member site allows users to download unlimited multimedia with one simple touch to any e-reader device such as the I-Pad, I-Phone, Kindle, Nook or any Android tablet.

Instead of having to face the hassle of paying ten to fifteen dollars on I-Tunes Or Amazon per book, you can now download millions of text from the comfort of your very own home, without having to pay a single cent per download.

The Reading Site database is overflowing with books in all genres including bestsellers, classics, mystery, thriller, crime, romance, fantasy, and children’s books. With The Reading Site, you can be assured you’ll find something you’re interested in. All the books available are popular titles by world-renowned authors, and they are all the same books you’ll find at your local bookstore or on an online bookstore such as Amazon.

The fast, high-quality downloads make The Reading Site particularly attractive as there are no annoying delays when you are desperate to read the next book in the series! The site is clearly laid out with straightforward instructions on how to download, so that anyone, even the least tech-savvy bookworm can use The Reading Site.

So on the cold winter day when you have no books to read and want nothing more then to snuggle by the fire, you have to look no further than The Reading Site where an endless library awaits every reader. Bookstores are a thing of the past. With over 1 million titles available for download, The Reading Site is the future of reading.

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