Don’t get me wrong rodent poison can be and often is an effective way of killing mice and rats. However, there are often unintended and even intended  consequences to using it, many that most people don’t even consider.

Let’s take a look at some of those consequences

Ingestion by children and/or pets- Your pets or your children may ingest the poison and get very sick or even perhaps die. This is a risk that you take when you put down poison especially in areas that are accessible to unintended causalities.

Someone may intentionally poison you using the poison that you intend to use on rodents- Disgruntled employees, jaded spouses and partners, relatives who’d love to see your dead body lying in a casket or anyone else who wishes to do you in may use your own rat and mouse poisons to attempt to do so.

Negative Impact On Neighborhood Pets And Wildlife That Most People Don’t Even Think About- Suppose a poisoned rat or mice goes outside and is eaten by a neighborhood cat or some form of wildlife that feeds on rodents that animal would also be negatively impacted by the poison to the extent that they may have just as well eaten it themselves.

Some poisons simply take too long to “kick in” as a result it may take hours or even  days for rodents to die allowing them time to crawl back into your walls and die there as opposed to going outside. Dead rodents can give off a foul smelling odor and you now have the problem of having to locate and remove the carcass of a possibly diseased rodent. I don’t know about you but this certainly doesn’t seem like a fun or enjoyable experience to me.

Sometimes these poisons don’t quite finish the job and you have half dead mice and rats roaming around that you have to finish off.

Are these really risks that you want to take just to eliminate a pesky and ultimately worthless rodent? There are better, safer, more effective ways to do away with your rodent problem. May I suggest The Raticator Plus Rodent Trap. This electronic rodent trap safely and humanely eliminates mice, rats and any other unwanted vermin  you have crawling around in your walls. No more unintended causalities, no more misuse, no more half dead mice and rats. Say goodbye to your uninvited “guests” once and for all with this single trap.






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