“The Rule of 20”
A crisis just hit…you only have a few
hours to gather the things organized
and planned out.
This is everything to know about
surviving a crisis but you didn’t
know how to ask…
“The Rule of 20” is a unique approach
for people who want to create a survival
plan but can’t get started.
How would you like to know…
1. The food product you can’t live without (that will disappear from store
    shelves at the first hint of a disaster.
2. The most important single item to include in your “Go Bag”
3. The item you can buy in any store that every prepared person already has.
4. The 4 easy steps you can take today to get prepared FAST.
A recent poll conducted by the
National Center for Disaster Preparedness
At Columbia University reveals
startling information about
average citizens.
Nearly one-third of Americans believe
that dialing 911 during a major crisis
will bring help within one hour!
Even worse, there is one major mistake nearly
EVERYONE will make in the first 4 hours of a crisis…


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