This time last year I was told that my blood pressure was too high. It was then recommend that I take medication to correct it. To add to the horror of this experience, I was told that within 3-5 years it was pretty much guaranteed that I would develop diabetes. Unless I took drastic steps to improve my health. Since that time, I have done just that. I started a diet and exercise program and it’s paid off. I have since lost over 50 pounds much of it fat and am on the path to losing a full 100 pounds. Just in time for a fall wedding that I look forward to attending. Although, I did most of the work, I had a little bit of help from a product that I had been selling to others for the longest time. That of course being Advanced Liquid Nutrition. Combined with diet and exercise Advanced Liquid Nutrition gives me the boost that I need to keep going and get the most out of my activities and it will do the same for you.

Find out more about Advanced Liquid Nutrition here.

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