Many people ask me this and I say with certainty and from experience that barring one incredibly rare exception my answer is nearly always an emphatic no.
This may surprise some people as most would probably tell you to “go for it” but I find it to be an incredible waste of time and in some cases it can make you appear desperate and stalker like. If they rejected you at the interview phase before, what makes you believe that you will even make it past the screening phase next time around? Think of applying for a job as being about the same auditing for a reality television show, the further you make it during your initial attempt the less likely you are to get even that far the next time around. Your time may be better spent seeking employment elsewhere including but not limited to the competitor (s) of the company that rejected you. Make them realize they have made a mistake by proving yourself to be an invaluable asset to someone else or maybe even consider starting your own business. As for that rare exception, if the company who previously rejected you were to  contact you and say “we have a position available as that person we foolishly hired instead of you proved to be unreliable and we would like you to come aboard and are prepared to give you a higher salary.” Then consider taking the job.


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