Being rejected for a job that you really want can hurt especially when you feel in your mind that you are more than qualified and perhaps even overqualified. There are many reasons these rejections occur and surprise… most have little if anything to do with you. Here are just some of those reasons and what you can do to combat them.

1. Nepotistic Hiring Practices- Perhaps the hiring manager has decided to hire a friend or family member as opposed to you. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t competent, it just means you are a stranger to them and they think it would be “a lot more fun” to work with someone they have known since childhood.

2. Sheer Laziness And Unwillingness To Travel On The Part Of The Hiring Manager- Perhaps you live across town or even across the country and the hiring manager is simply too lazy and unwilling to travel to your location or to pay to have you travel to them in order to meet with you. You may be the perfect candidate, but because of this they pass on you. This problem may be avoidable if the company were to hire a hiring manager who actually lives and works in your area of the country.

3. The Hiring Manager Is Closed Minded- They may have a particular kind of person in mind and may be unable or unwilling to envision anyone else filling the position. If you are that unconventional square peg you could have all of the experience in the world and may be perfect for the job, but you aren’t getting it because the hiring manager “just can’t see it.”

4. The Hiring Manager Is Blind To What You Are Trying To Convey- You know in your mind and in your heart of hearts that you are without a doubt the only candidate who should be considered.You know that in a perfect world the hiring manager would take all of those other resumes and applications and throw them in the trash, burn them etc. as they are completely unnecessary. But the hiring manager for reasons unknown even to them just doesn’t see things this way and often times your stuff ends up being buried or you end up competing with and losing out to people who are far less qualified.



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