You have all been there before you see a job on a job board-career website that is of interest to you and you feel that you are the perfect match for the position, you click the apply button, send them your resume and cover letter and click submit only to be enrolled in their “job network.” This is without a doubt the most ridiculous and deceptive thing. In your mind you were applying for an actual position not opting into a job network. This kind of  trickery needs to cease and desist immediately. If people actually wanted to join your job-talent network they would have. But they had little to no interest in doing so hence why they applied for a singular position via your posting on a career website-job board. This is almost as bad as staffing and employment agencies who try and pass themselves off as actual employers. Just one of the many ways that the time and effort of job seekers is wasted. Were you to actually join their talent network, you would need to reapply to the same position (s) you thought you were applying to originally all over again in case you were wondering.



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