If you still subscribe to an archaic physical newspaper you may be in for an unpleasant surprise, countless annoying phone calls from would be scammers claiming to be representatives of the paper and threatening you with “suspension of service” over a bogus “issue” with your credit card. In spite of the fact  your paper only has a local-regional presence at best, these calls may come from all over the country and even other parts of the world. Even though you get several of these calls a day threatening to “suspend service” unless you “rectify the problem” you still manage to receive your copy of the paper and in some instances a “bonus copy” that you didn’t want or ask for. This is how you know this is a scheme to attempt to get your credit card information and steal your identity. If you really suspect that there may be a legit issue with your credit card, don’t call the number that called you back. Instead contact your newspaper’s office directly and see. There more than likely isn’t a real issue, other wise your paper would have ceased being delivered. But if there is indeed a problem you can correct it with the folks who actually work at the paper . Stay safe and never give someone your credit card information over an unsecured line.

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