It seems as though I have gotten quite a bit of heat regarding this post from earlier today
Certain people seem to have gotten the wrong idea, and felt I was knocking joining a company’s job/talent network. Not the case at all. To clarify, I was merely stating an opinion that it is a bit rude and underhanded of recruiters-companies-employers to disguise opt ins to their networks as actual job postings, so that when say for example, people apply off of CareerBuiler believing they have actually submitted an application for a job,  they only to end up receiving e-mails saying “welcome to our talent network” and finding that they haven’t actually applied for jobs at all and will now need to go through the network to apply to the same position (s) that they believed themselves to have applied to already. Joining a company’s network can actually assist you in keeping up to date with their latest postings and may even allow you first crack at positions before an official posting is made. It was merely tricking people into joining that I took issue with. Happy to clear that up.

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