It can be incredibly frustrating for someone to go to the doctor for their yearly physical and find that they’ve gained weight, that their blood pressure is up and that they are at a higher risk for diabetes among other health problems due to their being overweight. It can be even worse if a person […]

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Jonathan Tees on May 5th, 2017

Do you find losing weight and/or getting the body you want to be nothing short of an exercise in frustration? Do you eat right and work out and still find yourself getting zero results? This could be the solution to your annoying problem. This program is a fun way to work out and get exceptional […]

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Disclaimer: The following is a paid advertisement. I take zero responsibility for the content found within. Caring, compassionate professional with a solid customer service background and strong communication-people skills is seeking a year round position (could be full time or part time) as a Patient Transporter. It makes no difference to me whether the position […]

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