Jonathan Tees on August 27th, 2015

Do you find your friends list seems to dwindle each and every time you log onto the social media site? These could be a few possible reasons. Too Many Posts And Updates Related To Outlandish Conspiracy Theories And Ridiculous Claims- Stuff like this can be mildly entertaining once in a while, but if the majority […]

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Jonathan Tees on August 24th, 2015

Did someone like your Facebook status-photo only to delete you from their friends list hours later? Let it go and move on. Did someone make slight changes to their profile and then removed you as a “friend” regardless of from where or how well they know you? Put it behind you and channel your energy […]

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Your bill is outrageous, ridiculous, absurd, astronomical etc. Feeling frustrated, angry, ripped off, cheated you vent and let off a little steam on social media, getting some of the anger off of your chest and feeling for the moment a little bit better. But then your petty provider seems to raise the cost of your […]

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